Friday, December 17, 2010

The Things That Really Count

I was going to blog about my birthday last weekend and how my husband made me the most delicious dinner & gave me the most fabulous handbag, but after reading about Jane at My Pear Tree House just then and hearing a truly sad story from my inlaws this week, the delicious meal and fabulous handbag seem a tad irrelevant and really don't matter for much in the scheme of life.

My father-in-law had to deliver a eulogy on Monday for a friend and mentor.  H was only 48.  Married with two teenage children.  H had been experiencing some shoulder and back pain and had been having some massages to ease it.  The pain had gotten a little worse and a friend of hers suggested she go to the hospital to see what was going on.  After a few tests the doctors delivered the most horrific news to her; she had aggressive renal cancer and was given 8 weeks to live.  H managed 9.

Since being told this news, I have not stopped thinking about H.  How does one process & digest that kind of news?  How do you not become frantic in trying to make every day you have left count?  How do you not become so bitter and angry at the world?  How do you relax and cherish your family whilst you still can?  How ... ?

So any talk of jamon iberico, truffles, saffron & designer handbags just seems plain ridiculous because really, they're not the things that count in life.  Health & Happiness really do.  Here's to you, H!

P.S.  Here is an idea for some positive girl power to help Jane & others.


  1. That's a very sad story. It is hard to feel festive when others are doing it tough. x

  2. Wonderful tribute.

    Here's to H, and here's to Jane.

  3. A fab post, LMAG. Like you, I've found Jane's news has cast a pall over my day and given me a dose of perspective on what's important. J x


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