Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Top Chicks

Since today is the centenary of International Women's Day, I thought I'd do a quick post on some women who I think are "top chicks".  In no particular order, they are:

Helena Bonham-Carter
I love her for her wackiness & the fact she does & dresses as she pleases.
Top chick!

Janet Holmes a Court
Janet's husband upped and died on her leaving her with a terrible financial mess.  She's managed to turn things around so much that she's now owner of one of Australia's largest privately owned companies.
Top chick!

Amanda Vanstone
She's been villified horrendously & has been the brunt of many a joke during her time in parliament.  I don't necessarily agree with Amanda's politics, but she's smart and speaks with conviction.
Top chick!

Anna Bligh
Another woman messing it with the big boys in politics. Say what you like about Queensland politics, but Anna's been amazing throughout all the crises this state has had to endure these past few months.
Top chick!

HRH Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
Just what the royal family needed.  Her 'common touch' helped move the royal family into modern times.
Top chick!

Jessica Watson
For believing in herself particularly when the 'do-gooders' of the world were itching to say "I told you so."  They never got a chance to utter those words.
Top chick!

Danielle Crismani & her Baked Relief Team
Rather than being immobilised by the disaster around her, Danielle sprung into action.  She did something she knew well and loved ... baking.  From this simple idea & gesture of preparing food, with love, for those in need, Danielle has created a movement called Baked Relief, which I'm sure will be something which continues long after the water subsides & the winds abate.  
Top chick/s!

And finally ...

Mary Poppins
Lots of "sister suffragette" girl power in this movie.  
Mary Poppins ... practically perfect in every way.
Top chick!

Happy International Women's Day.



  1. That's a great selection! Top Chicks indeed.
    Happy IWD :)

  2. I'm loving your list of top chicks. And I love that they're all not beautiful (on the outside), but made of wonderful substance. Thanks for sharing. xx

  3. You just can't go wrong with Mary Poppins and all time favourite. Mimi xx

  4. Dear Top Chick,

    Great top chick list! Just great. They're all inspiring top chicks ... Amanda Vanstone is fabulous. I agree ... she's very funny and very intelligent. And she was villified by people who came nowhere near her ability.

    Women are wonderful.


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