Monday, June 27, 2011

Promising Career

I could be this person ...
I always feel Tony's stifling a laugh.

Or this person ...
I loved Little Johnny in the 80's.  His glasses were bigger & eyebrows tamer.

Or maybe even this person ...
Whoa!  Julia's rockin' the Joan Jett haircut there.

You see, I think I have a great career as a politician as I seem to be good at breaking promises at the moment.  I had promised in my last post (over a month ago) that I would blog several times a week, leave a number of comments per day on my favourite blogs and discover several new ones each week.  Now I've done ok with the comments on fave blogs.  So-so on discovering new blogs and pretty crap on the blogging front.  Politics here I come!  That's a promise ;-)



  1. Tee hee hee, i think your intentions are might greater though & not running our country into the ground like that red head. Love Posie

  2. Ha! You'd probably do a better job. Vote 1 LMAG. xx


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