Friday, October 24, 2014

Death by Inspection

I like to torture myself slowly.
I like to look at houses that I generally can't afford.
I also like to look at houses that don't fit the criteria of "the next house" but are terribly interesting.

Here's a selection of houses which I've tormented myself with lately.

The instant I walked in it felt like a home and as Hyacinth Bucket would say,
there's even room for a pony.
Layout (yes)  Size of land (yes, yes)  Price (I think yes ... jeez I hate auctions)  Location (sort of) ... next

Location (yes)  Breeze (yes) Layout (no) ... next

I could see myself sitting on the patio here.
Layout (yes)   Land size (yes) Location (no) ... next

This has been a serious contender.  No need to change schools, routines, etc.  It's around the corner.  But can I live in a total renovator for at least a good year until I hopefully have enough money to do a reno?  I don't think I have the energy.
Location (yes)  View (yes)  Breeze (yes)  Price (not sure) ... next

The kids took one look at the tree fort, complete with slide and flying fox that they didn't complain about the lack of pool ... bless their little first world problems.
Location (yes)  Breeze (yes)  Character (yes)  Layout (no)  Price (no ... the 4007 postcode will see to that) ... next

I've admired this home since I was a child.  It has so much character and street appeal.  Pity it's on a busy road.   
Location (yes)  Character (yes)  Land (yes)  Breeze (yes)  Layout (no) Price (yes but I'd want to pay less as it needs work) ... next

The mat says it all.  How can I make this one work?  It would be a sea change.
Character (yes)  Breeze (yes)  Layout (yes)  Location (stretching it)  Price (good question)

Who else will be joining me tomorrow, torturing themselves at many an open house?

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