Saturday, September 18, 2010

1 caravan, 2 tents, 3 dads + 9 kids = ?

That's the equation folks.  Actually, I should throw in the variable of rain forecasted too.  Hubby, along with some mates, have taken all the kids camping for two nights, sans mothers.  WOW!  Fantastic! Woo hoo! Definitely, but I am feeling rather lost at home and I seem to be spending a terrible amount of time procrastinating about which of the bazillion jobs that need doing I should really start on first.
I have scheduled some "me" time whilst they're away.  I caught up with my sister last night for dinner and got to cuddle my grand-niece (I feel way old when I say that one), this afternoon I'm finally using a voucher for a facial I've had for nearly a year now & tomorrow morning I'm having breakfast with the mums of the other campers.
Apparently procrastination is the thief of time, or so the saying said on a kitschy paperweight from the 70's my parents had, so I had better go and do a few housewifey things ... but first I'll have a cup of tea ;-)


  1. Wow, lucky you! Enjoy your 'you' time!

    x Jasmine

  2. Enjoy your alone time. The floor will just get dirty again.

    Hey, your comment about being a whole ball of denim cracked me up. Thanks and hope you win x


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