Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Place in the Sun for Pour Moi?

We've had Foxtel connected for the first time this year and I've become a little hooked on the Lifestyle & How To Channels. I love their home & design programs, particularly A Place In the Sun. If you're not familiar with this program it involves an English couple looking to purchase a holiday type of property either in the UK and/or one 'abroad' (I love this term the English use).

Recently one of the episodes focused on a mother and daughter looking at a property in Provence, France and I was well and truly green with envy. If you live in the UK, it is not unreasonable to consider purchasing a property 'abroad' as your holiday house. Whilst here in Australia, well that luxury is only available to a few due to time, distance and of course, $$$.

Just for the hell of it, and pretending like money was no problem for me, I did a little search on the internet for my own place in the sun to purchase in Provence and within a few minutes of searching, I've found it. For only 640,000 Euros (not quite AUS$1.1M) I could have a quaint, but beautiful, stone windmill holiday home. Complete with 3 beds, 2 baths, swimming pool, views to nearby vineyards & character to burn, I'd be living the ultimate relaxed French lifestyle; la bonne vie - the good life. Now ... how to pay for it ... ?


  1. Yeah, I'd love a holiday house too! Wouldn't it be great. Thanks for your comment on my blog too.x

  2. Hi, I found you through the good advice you gave Anita at Fun and Vj's about handle shop at Albion, i have a friend doing a kitchen and she will be excited. I admit I am addicted to the lifestyle channel too...not as much how to anymore. I also love love Location Location and Relocation Relocation and Property Ladder...guilty pleasures, cheers Katherine

  3. I love the Lifestyle channel too! I love 'Location Location' and I sigh with envy at the houses some people turn down! If only we had quaint countryside and thatched houses in Australia!

    x Jasmine

  4. Me too. When I can get the remote off the kids I am watching lifestyle and how to. Love it.
    When I win the lotto have decided to buy a house in the Hamptons.



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