Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Day Out

I've been indulging my little hobby of real estate snooping this week as I have a friend who's just moved from Sydney and is keen to buy a house on the northside of Brisbane ... just my specialty!  I caught up with her for a coffee and a delicious cupcake at Vanilla Pod whilst planning our real estate tour via Google maps and my now ever helpful iPad ... what have I done before you came into my life, Apple?

Vanilla Pod - Lancaster Road Ascot

Apart from the many fabulous houses we saw & catching-up on two years of gossip since we last saw one another in Melbourne, the highlight was probably seeing the aftermath of the huge rains we've had in Brisbane over the past week.  The shipping container stuck under the bridge along Shaw Road Wooloowin was the definite highlight.  Braving the rain, and the slippery embankment of Kedron Brook in totally inappropriate girly footwear, we happily snapped away some photos to email our husbands with witty little messages like "Honey, is your construction site missing anything BIG perhaps?"   Little did we know that our "scoop" was actually splashed across the daily paper.  We thought we were hilarious and onto something new.

Imagine driving across the bridge and seeing this coming towards you!

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  1. OMG, that's some damage... and it is still happening all around us... what's with this wind? A-M xx


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