Friday, October 15, 2010

Please Don't Touch

Cross your fingers for me folks because on Saturday night I'm hoping to win Gold Lotto so I can buy this little baby currently for sale in Brisbane.

Now whilst it doesn't look totally inspiring from the outside, a little dated perhaps, it has fantastic views both to the east and to the bay, plus there's those much wanted city views.  I've actually never set foot inside the house or have even driven past ... yet, BUT this house, going by the photos on the net, is amazing inside!  Not because it's had a flash reno or has had an interior designer's touch.  I think it's amazing because it's just how it was possibly 40 to 50 years ago ... and I want it.

Ok, so it's pink, and with wallpaper in the bathroom, but see how immaculate it looks in its originality.  Where would you find another pink pedestal basin like that? 

Yeah, I'm hearing you.  The carpet is a bit "Colonel Mustard-ish" and it's teamed with pink curtains, but look at the cornices and the big windows and french doors and the lovely entrance door.  I can picture some gorgeous Danish design furniture in this room, which has done the full circle of funky to ugly back to funky again, and a cocktail party going on where women are wearing long dresses and the men have sideburns and wide velvet lapelled suits, sipping brandy crustas and listening to Perry Como.

And this is where the tray of cocktail onions, cheese and cabana on a toothpick would be prepared for the cocktail party.  Look at the original cabinetry & terazzo floor, not to mention the built-in breakfast booth!!!  This home would have been so very swanky when it was built and decorated and I just fear someone is going to come along and buy it, because of its fantastic views and location and knock it over, losing such a fabulous example of how life was ... and still could be with a bit of imagination and I think quite a bit of thumbing your nose to minimalism and current trends.  What would you do with it?


  1. I'd enjoy it with a few minor tweaks!

  2. OH MY GOD!

    Digella here.

    Would you believe we have been in negotiations about this house! It is just around the corner from me. They are asking too much... MUCH more than the listed price.

    The owner is a lovely old lady. She does not want the house to be demolished.

    Thanks for your comment over on my blog about Melbourne Food and wine :)


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