Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All Calm on the Domestic Front

It's strange the things that keep us from tipping over the edge on the domestic front.  For some it's a linen cupboard with towels all neatly folded and colour coordinated.  For others it might be hanging your clothes with the hangers facing a certain way.  Or it might simply be whether the toilet paper is hanging with the paper coming over the roll (because we all know if it were coming from under the roll it would send you over the deep end ;-) For me, the measure of a calm home is this ...

2 drawers of organised plasticware

When I have my drawers looking like this, I feel like all the planets have aligned and the world is in order, or at least it is at my house.  What makes you feel like things are calm on the domestic front?


  1. Oh, come to my place, the early morning clatter and toss of plastic to find the missing lid is a constant war cry! My partner has recurring dreams of my piles of paper reaching the ceiling. I am used to the clutter but have to admit that my entire body feels aligned with a deep sigh and clarity whenever the washing basket is empty and all the clothes are put away (for the millescecond before someone throws something on the floor or in said basket again!) Deep peace! Thanks for the giggle!Jo from BIG Kids Magazine

  2. I'm a little worried because I relate to each of the things you've listed and so many more!

    Thanks for visiting today I've enjoyed exploring your space.

    xx Felicity

  3. For me it's the dishes washed, dried and put away. Unfortunately it's a task that's never really complete. Everything else just seems to fall into place when the dishes are all done. Sadly it doesn't seem to happen very often around here.

  4. bahahaha - I can so relate to this post!!!! For me it's just as little as being able to walk across a room without stepping on any zhu zhu pets or LPS pieces! But to have my tupperware *that* organised would be better than...well anything else I can think of :-)

  5. Love this! If only my plastic drawer looked like this, I'm sure all would be well in my world. I just like my desk tidy. It really helps!

    Thanks for REwinding at the Fibro!


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