Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Things You Do

What were you doing at 10pm tonight?  Most likely you were already in bed asleep after a busy weekend, or perhaps you were curled up with a good book or maybe you were catching up on some telly from the past week.  Not this little brown duck.  I was busy making dinner for tomorrow night.  Now before you start to think I'm some super organised, multi-tasking mum, I'm not ... well I'm not the majority of the time.  I do have flashes of brilliance occasionally, but if I dwell on it for too long and start to think I'm rather good at this working mother/loving wife/yummy mummy thing, everything usually turns to pot and my smugness usually comes back to bite me in the arse ten fold.

Image from
It's interesting the images that come up when you Google "smug".  Simon Cowell features heavily!

Anyway, I have a rather busy day tomorrow.  I have to drop Miss 8 & Master 6 off early to school & then drive from one side of Brisbane to the other for a business meeting, taking Missy 3 with me.  I then have to high tail it back to home where I can relax briefly over some lunch with a couple of girlfriends I haven't seen for ages (mind you, I'll still have Missy 3 in tow, so I'm not sure how relaxing lunch will be) & then after lunch I have to dash back home to meet my parents who are doing the whole school pick-up, afterschool activities thing with the kids whilst I go and attend a final inservice session for four hours.

Now I just have to wait for the lasagne to cool so I can go to bed.

What would we do without grandparents and re-heatable lasagne???

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