Tuesday, October 26, 2010

There's No Disgrace Like Home

The kids are all fighting amongst themselves and are driving me NUTS plus hubby is going to be late ... oh goodie.  To save me going into full screaming banshee, fish wife mode, I've put the iPod on and have turned the music up ... I'm thinking loud music will help me drown out the continuous squabbling that's going on.  When the kids are fighting like this, it usually involves someone raising their voice & then the other trumping it with an even louder voice, I describe it to others as if I were living in a Simpsons episode, in particular "Theres's No Disgrace Like Home" from Season 1.  The kids, plus Marge have all disgraced themselves at Homer's work party so he decides to take the family to Dr Marvin Monroe's Family Therapy Centre where he's guaranteed a "bit of family bliss or double your money back."  It soon erupts into some electroshock therapy and mayhem ensues.  Priceless!

Image from www.en.wikipedia.com
Would you call DOCS if I said I wouldn't mind doing some of this at the moment ;-)

So rather than rig up some colanders, coiling from the toaster, gaffer tape & attach it all to my children's heads, I thought I'd turn up the volume and pretend I was somewhere else just for a moment.

1982 "Town Called Malice" by The Jam.  Look at you Paul Weller (not the guy pictured here), with your pixie hair cut & slightly angsty young modern look.

If I could dance, I'd be burning up the kitchen floor working off some family frustration, just like Billy Elliot did in the movie and hopefully by the end of the song I'd be thinking, there's no place like home ;-)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my bloggie and following me, nice to meet you, moms looking over my head as I'm typing this(its ok she likes to check I don't put anything to cheeky!!!)
    Shes laughing at your post, me being a dog an all can't see it, but you put a smile on her face today. I've put you to follow, so will be popping back from time to time to see what you get up to, oh and mom, seams you two have the same sense of humour!!!!
    See Yea George xxx

  2. I too have been using music as a source to drown out the crazy.

  3. That song reminds me so much of my early days at high school...

  4. Ha - just revisited this post c/- Life in a Pink fibro. Classic! I can just see you burning up the kitchen floor Billy Elliot style, and completely relate to kids, nuts, drive-a-me-crazy feelings some days! Great post. Quite partial to a song to sum up ones mood, the melody often drives it home much better than just words! Sonia :)

  5. I find I have to use calming music to soothe the savage beasts - if I put on loud stuff they just get crazier! Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro today. :-)

  6. LOL - I think my family could some Homer shock therapy.

    I love music to drown out the crazy too.

  7. Haha, I do that too! Except by the time I am singing and dancing, the kids have stopped screaming at each other and are telling me to stop..

  8. I play it loud and dance like such a maniac that it stops the kids dead in their bickering tracks. Music, the food of peace. x

  9. So THATS what I should do!!! Sounds enjoyable too :) Jen


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