Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An Open Letter to Whacking Child's Mother

Dear Mother of Whacking Child,

For some reason, only known to your son (hereby known as the Whacking Child) he decided to start my daughter's morning off at swimming with a large WHACK to her back.  Now we've never clapped eyes on Whacking Child before so there's no prior animosity between them so he obviously just didn't like the cut of her jib.  Or was it her bright togs he had an objection to?  Maybe it was just the fact that she was a good head shorter than him and looked an easy target?  Really, it doesn't matter what the reason was, the fact is there was no apology from either Whacking Child or yourself.  Yes, you did hurry him away from her quickly but you could have acknowledged how Whacking Child managed to give her a big fright when he propelled her forward due to the force of the whack.  Too much to ask?  I don't think so.

So when Whacking Child sized her up again when your attention was turned and he came at her running with fist extended, please don't think it was wrong of me to put my arm out and block his attempt on her little head.  The noise of my block of his arm to her head did make a loud enough sound to draw your attention to Whacking Child and if it wasn't that, it was probably the "don't mess with me" tone I used on him when I told Whacking Child not to hit her again.  Maybe you should employ that one on Whacking Child when he tries this kind of thing again ... because I think there will be an "again"?  I think it crossed your mind, ever so briefly, to maybe say something in his defense, but then you wisely thought better of it.  I didn't see that same thought process when Whacking Child KO'd her the first time.

So I put it to you, Whacking Child's Mother, if you can't bring yourself to apologise on your son's behalf to me, at least spare a thought for my daughter and apologise to her.  At least when she asks me why did that boy hit her (and she's already asked several times) I can say "I don't know, but at least he apologised."


p.s.  See below some suggested Christmas gift ideas for Whacking Child.

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  1. Oh, I'm so with you on this. Too many kids seem to get away with stuff like that these days. At least making them front up and say sorry embarrasses them if nothing else. I'm sorry your daughter got whacked in such a confusing manner. Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

  2. Oh My Goodness.. we had a simliar thing a few weeks ago a younger child started with my nine yr old... he was very nice and said pls don't try ti fight me I'm bigger than you.... his mother did nothing... so when he started again I said in a very loud voice if you don't want to get hit then don't should of sen her face... awesome .... jumping over from rewind...and love the gifts you picked out for whacking child ...

  3. 100% agree. No wonder these children hit others - noone has told them that it's not the way we get by in life. No good role models happening his way. What a hopeless mother. Really. Hopeless. x

  4. What is it with some parents these days - do they not have a conscience? Do they care what sort of behaviour their child displays...I would have become the Whacking Mother, had it been me - you showed remarkable restaint. congratulations for being the Better Role Model.


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