Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday's Dog - George the Lad

Dogs ... I love them!  I don't know if I have that on my Profile, but it goes without saying, doesn't it?  How could anyone not like dogs?  It's unimaginable to me.  We're currentlly "dogless" after our last dog passed away 3 years ago.  The kids and I are on the campaign for a dog and in campaign I mean convincing Hubby we need another little creature in the house.  If there are no more babies, then it has to be a dog.

I've recently stumbled upon a fabulous Doggy Blog called George the Lad.  George lives in the UK and he's a Welsh Terrier.  I've got a thing for beards ... only on dogs though!  I love Airedales, Schnauzers, Lakelands, etc.  Sooooo cute!  And George the Lad is the cutest.  So if you're a bit of a sucker for cute dog shots, plus an entertaining look around the English countryside, then take a look at George the Lad.

How could you not love a face like that?  Mwah George!


  1. Oh I'm very touched by you putting a post up about me, I was just checking me dashboard and though whats that photo of me doing there!!
    Have a Great Halloween of Weekend if your not into that sort of thing
    See Yea George xxx

  2. Hi just got your comment, its at a place called coalport in Ironbridge if you google it you will get a better idea, it is a kiln for firing pots, or used to!! its part of the museum


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