Friday, November 05, 2010

Gwynnie Won't Be Dropping the F-Bomb!

I must admit, I like a bit of entertainment news from time to time such as which movie star is dating who now, the designer of the dress some actress wore to the Oscars ... you know, the really important stuff ;-)  I'm usually able to commit this kind of information to memory as you never know when you might need it for some charity trivia night ... or not.  Yet I'm not able to remember something my hubby told me 5 minutes ago.  Anyway, Gwyneth Paltrow has been in the entertainment news today as she's going to make a guest appearance on Glee!  When I first heard this I shuddered to think that she might be up there duetting "Cruisin" with Huey Lewis ... ugh!  Instead I was somewhat impressed that she was going to be singing Cee Lo Green's latest hit "F#*# You".  I really like this song ... catchy melody, great high notes, funky rhythm.  You just gotta get over the fact that he's dropping the F-Bomb every 20 seconds and hope the little radio tech has done his job well by editing out as much of the Ffff #*# sound as possible.  Needless to say though, the prim and proper Gwyneth Paltrow WON'T be singing the 4 letter version of the song.  She will be singing the less offensive radio edit "Forget You!"  It just doesn't quite have the same effect though, does it?

p.s.  I was at a school disco on the weekend (oh yeah, I know how to party!) and this song was playing.  I mentioned to one of the mums that I hoped the DJ was playing the radio edit.  She asked what I meant and I said, well you do know that this song is called F#*# You?   She was horrified and she reckons I've now ruined her enjoyment of the song forever.  Oh well.  At least she'll know what her kids mean if they ever say Forget You, Mum!

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  1. Funny! I've never heard that song. Should I know it? I'm afraid to listen to it!

    I'm a bit backward when it comes to contemporary music.


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