Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Last Saturday night Hubby and I caught up with some friends over dinner at the wonderful Citron.  Although we see our friends quite a bit, we never seem to be able to get together as couples  - it's either just the dads having a chat at cricket or the mums catching up over a quick coffee.  It was so nice just having the "grown ups" together and having some adult conversation.  Somehow the chat got onto the Movember movement - an Australian initiative where during the month of November, guys grows moustaches to raise money for men's health, particularly prostate cancer and depression.

Between the three guys at the table;  Roadman (my hubby), Flyboy (pilot) and Mr Sparky (electrician), they could barely raise a moustache between them.  You could probably give them to New Year's Eve and they still wouldn't have much of a mo going on.  Mr Sparky says he's never owned a proper razor or shaver and only shaves about once or twice a week.  Flyboy says he's about the same, but because of his job, he does have to shave more often.  Roadman says he shaves every day but can barely muster a moustache.  Most of his hair grows on his neck (eww!)  The conversation then degenerated because Flyboy pipes up and says that he could just keep growing the hair on his arse, if that were allowable.  Roadman and Mr Sparky also chime in and reckon they too could show support with their hairy behinds.  Flyboy then says they should forget about Movember ... they could create their own awareness month, Arsetember!  Now that's a month they said they could all get behind ... boom boom!

They're quite the riot, aren't they?


  1. Can't believe I just laughed at the last line!

  2. Argh, I laughed and I so didn't want to!! x

  3. They put the ass in class. Boom boom. ;)
    I hope it doesn't catch on. Things could get ugly.

  4. Ew... LOL... I'm not sure I could support Arsetember. Perhaps I could donate money to ensure they keep their hairy butts to themselves? :)

  5. LOL. An arsey post, that's for sure!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!


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