Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday's Dog - Scamp the Frenchie

I was reading a post from Make Mine Mid-Century and how she had a big day out at New Farm yesterday.  Whilst out, she had an encounter with a little French Bulldog who kept sticking its nose out from under a gate ... awwwww!!!

Now I didn't always think French Bulldogs were so cute.  In fact, for quite some time, whenever I saw a Frenchie I immediately thought of the disasterous ex-boyfriend I had when before I met hubby.  Poor "Nipper" (he wasn't the biggest of guys and was a lifesaver, hence the nickname), he tried hard but the odds were against him.  My mother disliked Nipper immensely and I think I dragged the relationship out for nearly 2 years because I liked his friends far more than him?  Anyways, for some bizarre reason, only known to the inner workings of my brain, I associated Nipper with French Bulldogs.  Was it the black hair?  The little body?  The curled up face when he laughed?  It quite possibly could have been the halitosis ... Nipper wasn't big on dental hygiene.

Scamp the French Bulldog.

Thankfully I can now look French Bulldogs in the eye, like the gorgeous Scamp here, without thinking of bad relationships past and wanting to shout at them, "For goodness sake.  Clean your teeth!

Happy walking folks :-)


  1. Glad you ditched the boyfriend!

    New Farm - so inspiring!

  2. Awe, who couldn't love a face like that!


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