Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Draft

Hubby says to me this morning before heading off to work, "I'll try and get home early tonight." Great, I think to myself, hoping that he's going to be home early enough to pick up Big Girl from ballet so I don't have to head out with the other children close to dinner.  Maybe we could all possibly sit down to dinner together as well; a bit of a rarity in our house during the week.  Hubby interrupts my thoughts of Witching Hour bliss with a "Yeah, I want to be home early enough so I can sit down and watch the AFL 2011 Draft Pick.  It's live on Fox tonight."  Aha ... so much for plugging into the family.

He was contemplating going down the Goldie to watch it live .

We do love our footy in this house and I really like going to the games.  It doesn't quite have the same atmosphere up here in Brissie, compared to being in Melbourne, but it's good family fun, especially when you get all dressed up in your club colours and everyone is singing the club songs.  I'm just glad my hubby barracks for a team with good colours to wear.  I could never abide being a Hawthorn supporter aka "the poos and the wees" ... brown and yellow.  Erk!

North Melbourne Kangaroos ... Go Roo Boys.
So I look forward to some riveting tv tonight.  I'm sure the Draft Pick will be equally as boring as the Allan Border Medal & the Brownlow Count, minus a tanked up Brendan Fevola.

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  1. I think I would rather have my finger nails pulled out.

    I dont like sport. Unless it involves a corporate box, decent food and french champagne, then I will tolerate it.


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