Friday, December 24, 2010

I Can Only Wish

Wherever I look, I'm seeing lists.  To Do lists, Shopping lists, The JJJ Hottest 100 list and of course, Christmas Gift lists.  Well I'm going to jump on Santa's Sleigh and rattle off my "Top 10 Christmas Wish List" items, which really should be subtitled "and Pigs Will Fly".  In no particular order they are:

A membership to the Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder cheese club 

This table, chairs and sideboard.  What the heck, throw in the art & lights too.

A tin of chocolates from Haighs.

Landscaping the entire yard.

A week at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji ... no rain this time please.

Tickets to see Mary Poppins in Melbourne

A case of this would be nice for the cellar.

Painting by Rosetta Santucci

Pre-order 52 Suburbs book due out mid-2011

And the last piece in my Apple puzzle, the Macbook Air

I can only wish, can't I???

1 comment:

  1. i want Fiji, the champers, the mary poppins and some cheese ;)


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