Friday, December 03, 2010

Let the Mayhem Begin ...

I usually work every Friday but this week I swapped days with my job share partner in the hope of attending this event.

Instead I find myself not getting all "holiday glammed" up but rather preparing to launch myself into full "stage mother" role.  It's the weekend of the BALLET CONCERT!!!  And the mayhem begins today with a full dress rehearsal starting mid-afternoon which means I have to collect Miss Flea & Big Girl early from day care & school, making sure I have every bit of constume labelled and packed, plus hair done.  Thankfully full stage make-up is not required today.  So even though I could potentially squeeze in a bit of lunching with the babes before all the ballet frou frou begins, I thought it best to possibly take it easy today and not totter in late to rehearsal in a champagne fueled haze.  Can you imagine if I did & full stage make-up was required?  My girls, I'm sure, would end up looking something like this ...

Enjoy your lunch, Babes!


  1. Wow that is so exciting, I bet they will just look soo cute! Thank you for my birthday wishes, I can,t believe you had time to leave them with your busy day so that makes it extra nice, xx Katherine

  2. What!! I was there. I meant to do a post about it last week but had been soooo busy!

    Did you see us? I nominated Bianca from Peekaboo Mazazine for Business Woman of the Year and she won!!!

    What a shame I didnt get to enjoy a glass of sparkling with you!


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