Sunday, January 02, 2011

Saturday's Dog - The Promised Dog

Phew!  It's been over a week since a blog post from me.  We've been making the most of the very few fine days that have been around and have hit the beach and the parks to burn some pent up energy that's been building up in the kids.  It's also been lovely getting all the family together, especially meeting some new little members, plus catching up with friends for a few lazy bbqs at our house.

Mooloolaba in festive mode.

We celebrated New Years at home with some friends & did manage to see midnight in, but paid for it the next day.  Hubby & I have never been one for making New Year Resolutions but one BIG statement that came from Hubby was 2011 would be the year we'd get a new dog.  Um ... did I hear right?  Has he actually committed himself to buying another dog?  Hubby even made the bold statement in front of the children ... twice! I think Hubby probably knew his number was nearly up in that if he didn't come through with a dog this year, then I was going to spill the beans on his "little secret".  You see, Hubby has the children convinced he's allergic to cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc, hence the reason why we can't have any of these.  It's not a stretch for the children to believe since Hubby is allergic to crustaceans & bees.  Why not ferrets as well?  So the search will be on for a 4 legged friend to join our family.  We're pretty much settled on a Poodle, most likely a miniature.  We used to have Dobermanns, but now with 3 kids and a smaller back yard, a small dog is the way to go for us.  There are lots of other breeds I'd love to own but Poodles are ticking all the boxes for us at the moment.  What breed of dog do you own?

Image from
Not sure what colour poodle for us.  Maybe black or perhaps the one above.
Happy walking, folks!


  1. POODLE! They are wonderful. Loyal, neurotic, funny, stoic, intelligent, tear-jerkingly sad when they get old, as my 'Noodle' is.

    Miniature is a great size ... not too big and not too small.

    Noodle is now 14 ... he's getting very old, very quickly and is costing us a lot in medication and vet bills (congestive heart failure) ... but I love him and would never get another breed.

    A female, brown standard for us next when I can bear to think about it.

  2. def get a poodle!! we have a cavalier king charges spaniel (tricolour) there is a pic on my blog of him - sooo cute. I tell ya, my DH walks the dog, with our 2yo bub in a pram, and every time, people stop and smile, pat the dog, admire him, and then walk on - they NEVA see the bub! My DH is sure if he was single it would improve his love life!!! Our dog is Teddy, and we love him to bits. Great not being too big, requiring heaps of maintenance, walks, food etc... so poodle sounds great mate.

    You can email me that link

    chat soon!

  3. Noodle the Poodle ... love it.


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