Monday, January 03, 2011

Would You or Could You Paint It?

I love it when someone I know very well is interested in buying a house as I love to join in their real estate hunt.  My niece is currently contemplating where her next move might be so I'm already madly assisting her (aka goofing off from what I really should be doing) by trawling through the online real estate listings.  Here is one I found in Herston.  Would this be striking real estate gold for you with its original features or would you sprint to the nearest paint shop screaming, "Get me some Taubmans Antique White USA pronto!!!"

Is it a question of would you paint it or could you paint it?
I'd leave it ... I think?


  1. OM-Trust-British-Paints!

    I'd leave it!

    And if you want to paint it, I'd move on!

    Have you got that poodle yet?

  2. Not yet ;-) Gotta fix the fence first.

  3. Personally, I wouldn't paint it.

  4. It seems sacrilege to paint this room. I would find it too dark for my liking to live in though. Next!

  5. I just could not paint it, as much as I might want to.

  6. I'm with the majority of you ... I couldn't paint it, although how you'd overcome the darkness of it all, I do not know. Opening up the enclosed verandahs would help, but then you'd lose that wonderful indoor/outdoor tap that's there (did anyone spot that). You can hook up your hose inside!


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