Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Does Alannah Hill's Nanna Live Here?

A few years ago now I bought a magazine which featured some interior shots of Alannah Hill's home & needless to say, if you know Alannah Hill's style, it was quite colourful & frilly to say the least.

This is one of the more sedate rooms in the house.

So when I came across this house on the internet recently, I was reminded of the magazine spread on Alannah Hill & thought perhaps that maybe her Nanna or even a crazy old aunt of hers inhabited this house.

I'm thinking Brismod might like some of those ladies on the  wall.

Katherine from the Old Boathouse might like some of the green glass.

Rachael from A Room For Everyone would love those drawers on the far wall.

Someone's definitely been to The House of Shells at Tewantin.

And if this room doesn't scream of Alannah Hill, nothing will.

Apologies in advance if this does belong to someone's whacky aunt ;-)


  1. Ha this is too funny. I actually love it all in a crazy way it reminds me of my mother in laws house....seriously. I agree Brismod would Love those prints and they look a bit like her,although she wears more clothes ha. I sold just recently a gold metal ornate chair just like one in one of the shots,you find some great pics, cheers Katherine

  2. Hmm, whomever owns it has a small fortune in Diana spotted kitchenware!

    A small fortune, I tell you!

  3. Thank you I needed a laugh out loud! There's no denying those pink walls are Allanah Hill inspired for sure.

  4. I know that Nostalgia and Now blog will love those Tretchikoff prints too!
    You amuse me, and I needed that today! :)


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