Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crumbed Son

What I'm about to tell you is probably not the best example of positive parenting but sometimes you do have to pick your battles and use what means you have available at the time.  I should also tell you that I was in the middle of crumbing chicken for dinner when the below mentioned took place.

The Little Master aka The Congenial Child, is usually really easy to get along with & happy to oblige you with most things you ask, but from time to time, he can turn into a real "bull calf".  The bull calf will dig his heals in, and no matter how hard you pull that rope you've tied around his neck (metaphorically speaking), he will remain just as obstinate.  That's what happened last night when I asked The Little Master to go and have a shower.  Rather than amicably oblige, The Little Master decided to have a hissy fit about some teeny tiny paper cut on his finger that would stiiinnnngggg if he so much as got a droplet of water on it.    
The to-ing and thro-ing of me going "Get in the shower" and him going " No Mum!" was broken when a "Suck it up, princess!" was shouted by Big Girl from the playroom.  Now that's what I'd been thinking in my head, but I knew if I'd said it, The Little Master would go right off ... and explode he did.  He charged into the playroom & slapped Big Girl so hard on the arm, I'm surprised he didn't leave finger marks.  Any sensible parenting I'd been doing up until that moment was now thrown completely out the window as I frog-marched The Little Master down to the bathroom, turned on the cold water tap & stuck his paper cut finger under the running water.  Sticky crumbing hands and all, I somehow managed to strip his clothes off but The Little Master was still protesting about getting in the shower ... you'd think he'd have given up by now, but no.  So what to do with those sticky hands of mine?  When I was presented with a protesting, bare little body, that was going to get into the shower anyway, I thought why not clean them off there ... on him.  One crumbed son.  Would Super Nanny approve?  Probably not.  Did it now give The Little Master a need to get into the shower?  Yes.  Will he ever carry on again like that about getting into the shower?  I doubt it.



  1. Oh, I'm so glad to read this scenario. Sometimes I think I'm the only one who loses it - Especially at dinner time.

    I feel the frustration. You're only human. Or chicken.

  2. Yep, I second Carmel. Loved it. Well executed moves Mum. I am on your side.

  3. Oh is funny though! Especially the crumbs! Rachaelxx


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