Friday, November 12, 2010

The Price of Popularity

One of my children seems to be in the running for the school's Congeniality Award, or so it would seem by the number of party invitations decorating the fridge at the moment.  Congenial Child, as they shall now be known, doesn't just get invited to parties from children in their class, but tends to also get invited to parties of older siblings of the kids in their class!  Now this is all well and good for Congenial Child who is relishing in their current popularity, but it comes at a price.  Namely lots of running around for me at this particularly crazy time of the year, depositing and collecting Congenial Child from these festivities, not to mention the accompanying gifts I will need to buy for Congenial Child to take to the parties.

I wonder if Congenial Child will be attending a stylishly gorgeous party like this one???
Image from the creative

So I ask you, Congenial Child, can you perhaps, just for a short time, take a leaf out of your siblings books and try some in-your-face kind of friendship or maybe be the fair weathered kind of friend, as I really can't afford the price of your popularity.

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  1. Ha ha, love this post! Very funny.. My 4 year old just received two birthday invitations at once, she is so excited! And regarding A-M, I think she'll be back..Rachaelxx


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