Friday, November 12, 2010

Saturday's Dog - Gunther

Originally uploaded by lucky3110
Oh to be a well loved dog! This poodle, I think, is called Gunther and I reckon if you're a male poodle, you really do need to have a masculine name, especially if your owner wants to show clip you. You gotta have some cred in the dog park! Anyways, I like Gunther's attitude to the weekend. Wish I could curl up in a chair, boy, but I have gymnastics, ballet, cricket, etc to contend with this weekend. Happy walking folks.


  1. Gunther is delightful.

    I love poodles ... bum in the air is just how it is with them!

  2. Off to Boutique Markets at Portside this morning. I wish I was a doggy. Well a doggy in my house because they are spoiled!

    The house is closer than ever before.. hint hint

    Have a great sunday!


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