Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Retro DJ's

A few weeks ago, a rather groovy looking DJ's catalogue arrived in the mail.  The pictures in the catalogue made me wonder whether the ladies from Fun and VJs or Make Mine Mid-Century had been moonlighting as stylists?  I'll let you be the judge.

Nice suit & sports car.  Love your block work too.

Why the sad face?  Has the lady of the house forgotten to fix your Brandy Crusta?

What!  She hasn't fixed the prawn cocktails either?  What does she do all day?

Clearly a little decorating.  Nice sideboard & lamp.  Who's that on the wall?

He obviously feels unappreciated and is off to the Homestead Hotel for a Brandy Crusta in the cocktail lounge.  I do hope they remember to put a little umbrella in his drink.



  1. Ha! Yes those two definitely had a hand in this catalogue. That's Brismod's idea with the breeze blocks, and certainly MMMC's german looking lamp base on the Eames sideboard.
    Mid-century is so now!!

  2. I think the folk at djs have watched one too many episodes of mad men. I think the decor out shines the clothes.

  3. @ Raine & Sage ... yes, mid-century is so "now". I used to think it was oh so ugly but now ... I can really see what the appeal was 50 years ago.

    @ Theoldboathouse ... I've yet to watch Mad Men. I feel I'm missing out & yes, the staging of the shoot is far better than the clothes. Men's clothes .. meh ... so dull!


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