Thursday, March 24, 2011

She Was Smokin' Hot!

Elizabeth Taylor surely had the monopoly on how to look smokin' hot.  Those sultry, violet eyes search out and grab you.  So beautiful.  So talented.  One of the best.

So much can be conveyed in the simple spread of a well manicured hand.

I've never seen the movie this pic is taken from, Butterfield 8.

I doubt any air-brushing went into this photo.

Such a tormentor in this movie.  Smokin' hot x 2.

Simply stunning.
Elizabeth is quoted as saying, "I hate myself on the screen.  I want to die ... my voice is either too high or too gravelly.  I want to dive under the carpet ... I'd love to be tall and willowy ... I'm short."
Well, from one shorty to another, you're magnificent!



  1. Agree with you totally. A classic beauty, never to be outdone.

  2. She certainly was an icon RIP Elizabeth x

  3. A true screen legend and I love the last image in particular.

    xx Felicity

    PS Thank you for visiting today.


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