Thursday, April 07, 2011

Don't Wait For the Bounce

This is what happens when you rush, knock something & hope like all heck it's going to bounce.

Whaaah!!!  It doesn't!

This was my favourite cookie jar which I use to keep all the birthday candles, decorations, etc in.  Actually, it was my second favourite cookie jar up until the beginning of last year.  I had a barrel cookie jar which belonged to my grandmother.  It was packed incorrectly in the move (ahem ... hubby) and it ended up smashed and completely irreparable.  Anyway, I was rushing about getting dinner ready before I had to go out tonight & I put some matches back into the jar & was a little hasty in putting the lid back on.  At the time I was standing on a mini step ladder, as the jar is kept on the high shelf in the pantry.  Rather than try and catch the falling lid, for some reason I decided to watch the lid fall, hoping that it was going to land on the large tupperware container below and possibly bounce ... it didn't.

Whilst I can still use the jar, the lid is pretty rusak ... That's Bahasa for broken ... a good word to use around children when you really want to say it's #*#*#*!!!  Although the lid doesn't look that bad in the photo, there are a few too many little pieces which have broken off and I'm afraid even my Dad's super aralditing skills may not be able to fix this one.  I so loved it :-(



  1. What language is Bahasa? Is it Indonesian? I wish I was multi lingual. Must be very handy at times.

  2. Oh, boo hoo! What a fantastic cookie jar...I can understand why you would be heartbroken!

    PS: I’m currently running a super sweet giveaway that I think you’ll love. If you have a moment, stop by…


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