Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Days

For some reason, this kitchen photo makes me want to start humming the theme song of the tv show "Happy Days".  I know the Cunningham's kitchen was nothing like this & possibly the kitchen isn't quite of that era, but the lino floors, push button cabinetry & built-in breakfast table brings back memories of kitchens I was familiar with when I was young.  Very young, I'd like to point out ;-)  A lot were being pulled out to make way for mission brown & orange bench tops.  I think I prefer this one.

Picture from here.



  1. That kitchen is gorgeous! Even the lino is lovely. Some domestic wonder mama lived here to keep it in such good nick. Bet she cooked some great meals in here too. It's the best room in that house and you just know it'll be replaced with a glass splash back and Caesarstone.

  2. That's lovely. I love the lino floor.

    So clean, too.

  3. Oh dear. That poor little house's days are numbered given its address. Love a postwar kitchen in good original condition. xx

  4. @Annie ... as Brismod said, I don't think the house will get a chance to get a new kitchen. It's currently for sale in Ascot & as it's a post-war home, it's days are numbered.
    @MMMC ... yes, love the lino floor. Brings colour to the room.

  5. I kinda love it too, perhaps a beach house???

  6. I just love it! Mimi xx

  7. Forget the 1950s reference, I'd be happy just to have that much space in my kitchen. My kitchen is such a tiny pokey space.

    This one would be perfect for cooking those poached eggs. ;)

  8. Loving the simplicity! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  9. Oh it looks so immaculate...
    I honestly don't know if I can keep a kitchen that orderly.

    But it looks so nice and I love its spaciousness.


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