Friday, October 07, 2011

Let It Out

This morning it was raining when I had to drop Miss Flea at Kindy.  As we were early, we sat in the car & to pass the time I caught up on some emails via the iPhone.  My girlfriend, from the previous post, had shared some photos she had taken at her nephew's farewell.  They were so beautiful & happy.  A real celebration of life.  As I walked Miss Flea into Kindy I pushed back the tears because I didn't want anyone to think that something was wrong.  When we got inside, Miss Flea was ever so excited to find something special in her locker.

The ever popular picture plate. Love them.

I kissed Miss Flea good-bye as she happily sat down to play a board game with her friends & hot footed it back to the car where I immediately burst into tears.  I think I had a cry for a few reasons; my friend & her family who are going through so much heart-ache, her nephew, the innocence of childhood & how my Miss Flea is coming towards the end of her early childhood education (unfortunately) & will soon be faced with the demands of the National Curriculum (don't get me started).

I think Melissa Manchester had it wrong when she says "Don't cry out loud, just keep it inside, learn how to hide your feelings."  Sometimes you just need a good cry.  I know I certainly felt better for it.



  1. Oh yes, I have moments like that all the time. I do some serious crying in my car. It's good to be grateful.
    A-M xx

  2. Love a good cry! It cleanses the soul. Mimi xx P.S. Love the plate!


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