Monday, November 28, 2011


This kind of thing gives me the creeps ... if only I could have zoomed in closer but there were people around.   It's a photo of a work colleague's car.  I'm not exactly sure who the car belongs to but I'm quite certain if I were ever to meet them and they invited me around to their house, I'd have to decline.  If this is what their car looks like, imagine what I'd be greeted with in the living room?   I wouldn't be able to find a place to sit as I'd have to remove Tommy Tiger, Suzie Sheep and Boo Boo the Bear from the lounge chair.

Heebeejeebie stuff this is!



  1. I'm hearing you! Mimi xx

  2. Hilarious. I think the same way! A-M xx

  3. Doing a post on my Cape Cod blog about the chairs you asked about. Have been gassbagging with Villa Maison and have all the goss for you. xx


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