Friday, March 09, 2012


Oh my!  How on earth did we get to the month of March?  I had planned on getting back into blogging in the New Year.  Even had a funny graphic all picked out (see below) but for some reason, I feel like I'm only just coming up for air now ... and it's MARCH!

Image from somewhere on Facebook.

A lot has happened though since I last blogged:

  • Hubby has started working for himself which has been adjustment for both of us.
  • All three children are now at school.  Miss Flea started Prep and Big Girl moved to an all girls school for Yr 5.
  • We had the most fabulous holiday in Fiji, which was on my wish list at the end of 2010.
  • The above holiday was greatly needed after I completed a 3 day a week teaching contract for term 4 of 2011.  Hats off to those mums who can successfully combine work and family life.  I'm crap at it.
  • Progress has also been made on the Promised Dog.
  • Plus there's been milestone anniversaries, sport and more sport, landscaping around the house and the ballet concert from hell - 1680 beads and sequins had to be sewn in 3 days!
Thankyou ballet teacher for springing this on us at the last moment.

So life's been busy and I'm not really sure if things are going to slow down but I'd like to think that I'm getting a little bit better at handling the pace.



  1. Wow, busy girl!! It's so exciting when all your children are in school. I had 2 years with all 4 in the one place, then my eldest headed to high school last year (all girls too, love it) leading the way for the others.
    I could not work outside the home with a bunch of children, no way, particularly now my eldest has 3 early mornings of sports & fitness each week, too crazy, oh & the fact my husband is overseas or interstate for 4 years, hmmmm.
    Oh well, at least when he's in Australia we can visit him in Brisbane, that is pretty great, fun drive though (from Canberra), the things i do to see him. Love Posie

    1. Ah ... all children at the one campus. That would be heaven! Hubby tried to convince me to give Big Girl one more year at the local primary school but I felt that it was time for her to move on. I can't imagine being able to manage the 2 different schools without the help of him, friends to carpool with & the school bus. Maybe you should move to Bris Vegas? ;-)


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