Sunday, March 11, 2012

Well Hung

Even though we're not on the move or actively looking for another property, I cannot resist checking out the real estate listings from time to time.  Who am I kidding ... everyday!  I love looking at interiors and landscaping, particularly on properties I will never in a lifetime be able to afford.  One such "out of my reach" property caught my eye yesterday.  It's at New Farm.  Beautiful old house with most traditional features intact on a generous block.  Feast your eyes on the photos from the listing, paying attention to the decorating, rather than the bones of the house.  Those with crap eyesight, like me, may need to enlarge the photos.

Welcoming facade.

Ooh, great art! A Bromley no less.

They must work from home and yet another Bromley.

Yet another Bromley. Ooh, hello. What's that on the wall?

Oh? Where are his hands in that painting?

Now we know.  Yes, well moving right along kids.

Maybe a little bit too personal of taste for an Open House?  What do you think?  At least it's well hung!



  1. There's like a Bromely in every room. That last image is a classic! xx

    1. I'd love the Bromleys. They can keep the rest!

  2. That is bloody classic! Btw, how are you? Xx

    1. Imagine doing an Open for Inspection with the kiddilywinks ... "Quick kids. Out into the garden toot suite!"
      Life's good but nowhere near as exciting as yours. Congratulations on little Louis (can't remember if I commented on your blog or not now) and I love his name. Was a contender on the list when pregnant with Miss Flea.

  3. Hello Little Miss, we have a common addiction to house perving, I've don a few same posts! I'm thinking I might have to start a special real estate perv n' bitch blog.... go be a goer!

  4. It all looks AMAZING :) I hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday.

    Check out my new post...Cute Swedish Curtain inspiration :)

    Have a fab day.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - Swedish decor, food, and fashion


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