Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grand Design Range Hood

Can you be in love with a kitchen appliance? I am! I'm in love with the modernistic designs of range hoods by English company, Elica.  I first came upon these decorative extractor fans on the BBC program, Grand Designs. A lady had bought two of the Star hoods at a cost of around 5000 pounds! The one pictured here, Victoria, can be yours for around 1500 pounds, plus installation.  Luckily for my beloved, our kitchen design won't allow for such a hood ... or will it???

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  1. Why not get some of the ₤1,000 flick mix taps that were featured on Grand Designs too?

    I saw one of the houses (maybe the one with the square flick mix taps) sold for over double the construction/land price after a year. That might settle the deal with hubbie??


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