Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday's Dog - The Dogs of Paris

It's been a busy week of back-to-school & Australia Day celebrations here at our house and the week has flown by with no new blog posts from me.  I've thought about them.  Even written them in my head whilst trying to get off to sleep but they haven't seemed to have made it past the old noggin. Anyway, keeping up the tradition for me of a Saturday Dog post, I thought I'd share with you an image I've had stored away in my "Random" folder on the computer.  If you mumble, or perhaps exclaim, WTF? when you look at the image below, don't feel alone.  I did the same thing.

Image courtesy of
No, it's not a new handbag from sister Nicky's new range.  Paris is toting 3 dogs, at least, that I can see.  There quite possibly could be another one bundled up in that puppy pile.  I wonder if Paris knows how many she went out shopping with?  Or perhaps the dogs aren't really hers.  Maybe they belong to a friend and she's not really sure how she came to be carrying them ... this seems to happen to poor Paris a lot these days ;-)

Happy walking, folks!


  1. yeah, poor paris. I don't know how she cope's

  2. I think Paris should have a baby, as she's substituting that desire with dogs. Or was that the most ludicrous suggestion ever??

  3. @Annie - I agree. Poor pet. Buy more stuff, Paris. Shopping cures everything. :-)

    @Raine & Sage - I don't know how Paris has managed to dodge the Baby Bullet. Maybe she's smarter than what we think? Mind you, I wouldn't trust her with a baby. The dogs pictured were apparently taken by coyotes!

  4. I guess paris would say omg that is so hot! But it sure is funny ha, cheers katherine

  5. I hope she has a big doggie poo bag with her!


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