Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I Obviously Did Something Right

Today it was just Miss Flea & myself at home.  Tomorrow she will do her first full day at Kindy (I refuse to call it Pre-Prep, but that's a whole other blog post) and we're all really looking forward to that milestone. We have been having lots of conversations with Miss Flea as to what she might take in her lunchbox to Kindy.  She's so taken with the idea of a lunchbox because it's that one step closer to being "bigger" like her siblings.  We've been fortunate, both in Melbourne & in Brisbane, that both day cares Miss Flea has attended have had meals provided, so no lunchboxes up until now for her, hence the excitement.

The new lunchbox.  Miss Flea loves all the compartments.

Now one of the things Miss Flea is excited about taking for her Kindy lunch is salad ... "pffftt" I can hear some of you saying, but in this house, a child requesting salad is newsworthy.  Miss Flea looks in the fridge & says, "Yay, cucumber!"  If left unsupervised, Miss Flea can consume nearly a punnet of cherry tomatoes and at the shops this week she asked me to buy olives ... olives!  I never acquired the taste for olives until I was in my 20's!!!  I've obviously done something right with child #3 as Miss Flea is the most adventurous with food.  I think her willingness to try new foods has come through both a bit of laziness on my behalf, "Here, have what they're eating.  I'm sure you can handle popcorn at 18 months.  There are some molars in that mouth, aren't there?"  Along with a realisation that a child is really accepting of new things, including flavours & textures and just because I mightn't like a particular kind of food, or even if I think they mightn't like it, it's not always the case.

So here is a picture of Miss Flea's lunch today ... a salad of coral lettuce, mini egg tomatoes, cucumber & danish feta with viniagrette, plus 2 saladas with feta.  After this bowl was finished, Miss Flea asked for the same again & ate it all up.  Brilliant!

Miss Flea's lunch.

We've been having a bit of fun at home playing with the latest app on my iPhone.  It's called Hipstamatic.  It lets you create all of these retro effects with the camera function of your phone.  It makes the crappiest of shot look arty.  Love it!


  1. yay Miss Flea! I hope she keeps it up once she starts school. My daughter loves salad too, I have to limit cherry tomato consumption, she'd easily eat a whole punnet in a sitting!
    Hope her first day went well, and it definitely is a snazzy lunchbox :)

  2. I hope Miss Flea has a very enjoyable day and I am sure you will. My 3rd child also has great taste in food. Oh and thank you for listing my home. Mimi xx

  3. Miss Flea sounds like a person who knows what she likes. Good on her. I will have to check out that app.

  4. Miss Flea loved Kinder although she was a little clingy knowing that she was putting in a full day. The salad was a hit in her kinder lunch & she ate up every bit.

    @The Moerks ... I've become a Hipstamatic nerd. Love it! Went and bought all the extra bits to go along with it. My biggest purchase to date at the App Store ... all $5 :-)


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