Friday, February 04, 2011

Puke Green

I've recently started up a business with some friends and I'm trying to get myself sorted so I can work a little more efficiently whilst juggling all of the day to day commitments at home.  One of the tasks in getting myself organised has been to tidy up my computer.  I've moved from Windows to Mac and I'm still struggling a little with some of the differences between the two.  Sorting my inbox & prioritising emails has  been a challenge as well as organising a workable filing system.  Anyway, I'm sure I'll work it out soon (I may need to take a trip to the Apple store = geek city, for a little One on One training) but in the meantime, whilst sorting out some old files I've moved across from the old computer, I came across this little gem I've obviously saved for this very moment.

I must have a thing for ugly bathrooms.  See this previous post.  I'm disappointed to see that the toilet in the far bottom left corner isn't original, otherwise this bathroom would be nearly original in its fittings.  For those out there who are lovers of retro & everything mid-century, could you live with this bathroom?  Would you want to preserve it for its originality?  I know I couldn't live with it and I'd sure as hell hate to have a hangover in it!


  1. Wow. It is very original. Love the terazzo floor. I'd be inclined to try and keep certain elements but would probably re-tile the walls, but play up the art deco theme.

  2. I like the mint green sink, I don't know about that tile pattern around the bath taps.I wonder what the little cupboard in the wall was for?

  3. Yes I could live with it but I am very odd...ha.I also like the pink sets that came from this era. It actually is a more colourful version of my own bathroom which is black and white so severley harmless by comparison.It would be great in a beach house, or somewhere you visited occasionally. It is a great pic though, good luck with all the computer stuff. I have discovered the only really useful thing about my teenagers is their computer knowledge. I like to sit at my computer and shout out "technical support" really loudly when I need their help. This really annoys them and I say it is pay back for all the times they yell out "Mum" when they need something. xx Katherine

  4. I think it has potential. Mimi xx

  5. I could live with it but would be unsure if I'd wish the green to be more limey and bright or more grassy and dark. Its a bit of an inbetween green isn't it.

  6. @Brismod ... yes, a good alternative particularly if the vanity & bath were in good nick. We reused a white pedestal basin like that in our reno.
    @Simmone ... can't be a vanity cupboard. It would barely fit the hair dryer!
    @theoldboathouse ... yes, prefer the pink sets (not the apricot-ty looking thing though). Did an earlier post about a house in Brisbane with an original bathroom (kitchen too) that was in mint condition. Such a shame to take it out.
    @Mimi ... I've been to your house. I think you have the knack for styling.
    @Michelle ... agree. The green is a little too inbetween green for me.

  7. I could live with it. I;ve liveed with worse.

    I like the floor and would keep that, but would end up ripping up everything else.

    Sometimes it's nice to smash things with a big hammer.


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