Friday, February 11, 2011

This Week I'm Grateful For ... My Hubby

This week I'm grateful for my Hubby, although if you'd spoken to me at the beginning of the week, I may have appeared not so grateful.  You see, earlier in the week he had the "man flu" and I was cranky that he had the "man flu".  Yes, I know he can't help getting sick.  Irrational, yes get it, but you see, I had plans for the week ... big plans!  I had jobs to do.  Lists to check off.  Projects to start.  Shit loads basically.  And Hubby was home, cramping my style.  Shuffling into the kitchen every now and again asking where all of his hankies were.  Watching movies too loudly when I was trying to work at the computer.  Wanting hot chips & gravy to ease his sore throat.  And what did he get?  Well I did make him hot chips & gravy, but he also got a little bit of grief from me.  Actually, quite a lot, particularly on Wednesday as this was the day I had looked forward to since mid-December.  Wednesday was the day I had everyone out of the house for  more than 5 hours.  It was Miss Flea's first full day of Kindy and it was time to make hay whilst the sun shone, but Hubby decided he still wasn't feeling well enough to go back to work and I was annoyed.  Poor Hubby.  He promised to stay in the bedroom & not get in the way.  He said he wouldn't ask me to get him anything.  What a cow I was.

Another woman being a cow but in a strangely bizarre sexual way I think?
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But later in the day, I had a little melt down.  Not over hubby being home, but over  an important document I had to deal with and I wasn't dealing with it very well at all.  Lots of legal speak.   Lots of advice from others weighing me down.  Lots of unnecessary pressure I was putting on myself ... Lifetraps perhaps, A-M?  I needed Hubby's business/legal brain guidance and I needed it fast.  So I went to him, mid-way through his loud & scary movie, holding the olive branch & pulling my head in big time and what did I do?  I opened my mouth & started blubbing within the first few words.  Hubby just shook his head knowingly.  He may not understand how I manage to put such stresses on myself.  He tells me he doesn't get it.  Hubby is just not wired that way.  He's Mr Practical & Mr Methodical.  But he didn't give me grief.  Hubby didn't tell me to not annoy him.  He didn't tell me to keep out of the way of the tv so he could continue to watch his scary movie.  He listened.  He read.  He helped ... and I was so grateful.

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  1. Miss A-G, I haven't been here for a while. I understood that whole post ... you're not alone.

    That was a really nice post ... did you tell your husband how graetful you were? Does he read your blog?

    I hope you're feeling better, and so is the husband, you'll get another day with another 5 hours.

  2. Sometimes things don't work out the way we plan AT ALL. But somehow the ending is better. I am glad Husband was able to be there for you and I hope everything (document wise) is now sorted.

  3. Ssssh... I have definitely experienced that flush of annoyance if LOML announces he's sick. It's just so... inconvenient. Badness.

    Glad you worked it all out. x

  4. Can't man flu's be painful to those around the man!? I love how sometimes after they annoy us, our hubby's unwittingly demonstrate just why we love them so. x

  5. @MMMC ... I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to wanting something too much. Did I tell Hubby? He really is great, along with his fondness for putting everything into Excel & all ;-) Does he read this? No ... doesn't know it exists ... shhhhhh!

    @Sarah ... I think it's all sorted, but if I ever need a way to help me get off to sleep, I'll read that document again ... zzzz!

    @Maxabella ... I should have added that my Big Girl was home sick Monday & Tuesday & then I had the Little Master home sick Thursday. They were out to get me ;-))

    @Muddled Up Mumma ... Man Flu ... argh! Well put too. We do love them so.

    Thanks so much everyone for understanding. I thought perhaps my "grateful" post really wasn't too grateful & disguised amongst a lot of annoyance & possibly resentment, but sometimes frustration reigns & it all becomes a little too much. A few short tears for me is generally my mind's way of giving in & then I can see clearly.

    Whoa! That's way deep for me ... need to think of a wisecrack to end this ... can't think of one, so thankyou for your lovely comments.

  6. I can see that exact situation in my mind and you know what, I would have done exactly the same. I'd say you've got your perfect match there the ying and yang to balance the relationship, and he needs you just as much as you need him. Hope you are both feeling much better now x


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