Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday's Dog - Dogs 101

We're currently watching the Animal Planet series Dogs 101 in our quest to find the "The Promised Dog".  The kids think they're getting some choice in what kind of dog we're going to eventually get, but our minds are pretty well made up already.  It will be a poodle.  Most likely a miniature.  But it is good having the kids watch this show.  It's educating them on the different needs & behaviours each dog breed has and the responsibilities that come along with owning a dog.

For instance, they all agreed that a Border Collie is very cute as a puppy & highly intelligent, but for suburbia, unless you're working it everyday, they think it would be cruel to keep one in a regular backyard.

  The kids were all grossed out by the Chinese Crested ... thank goodness!

We'd simply break an Italian Greyhound in this house.  The Little Master likes it though as it's fast.

And the Lhasa Apso is a gorgeous dog; ancient breed, intelligent & beautiful, with very few inherited health problems (very important people to buy from someone who genetically tests their breed stock), but oh so much work with that coat.

So the hunt is still on i.e. there are still more episodes of Dog 101 to watch.  Let's hope the Poodle gets a good wrap.

Happy walking, folks!


  1. they're all equally beautiful to me, and we are lucky to have them on earth.!!

  2. Oh I think you need a Spoodle, or any oodle for that matter they are all gorgeous and kind natured. Great with children!

  3. @Annie ... agree (pushed on the Chinese Crested though, Powder Puff version is easier on the eye) & I couldn't imagine a life without dogs.
    @Mimi ... hmmm, I wonder why a Spoodle ;-) Agree too ... any "oodle" dog will probably do me.


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