Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday's Dog - Of the Gilled Variety

The Little Master, aka Congenial Child, was given a Siamese Fighting Fish for Christmas from his cousins, much to the slight annoyance of his father.  Hubby is still finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that pets are starting to slowly creep back into the house after a three year absence.  Meanwhile though, the Little Master is over the moon about his new gift and quickly named the fish Roxy ... where that name came from or was inspired by, we do not know.

Like the Little Master, I'm loving Roxy.  I've never owned a Siamese Fighting Fish before, only a couple of goldfish as a child and I must say, this breed of fish has personality to boot.  Not only does it go crackers when a fly or a bug happens near its tank, but it generally appears happy to see you when you come within sight.  Roxy can be having a fishy snooze at the bottom of his tank, scaring you into thinking he could be wanting to go on a "s bend cruise", but then when you come near his tank, he swims up and starts wriggling all about.  I can't but talk back to Roxy and tell him what a smart little fishy he is.  Now if I get this excited about a fish, who can't show much more affection than a fin flap, imagine what I'm going to be like when I get the "Promised Dog" later this year?  I'm excited.

Happy walking, folks.


  1. oh my goodness, what are you doing up at this hour too!!! bad people we are! Great about the fish, perhaps that look of "happiness" you describe when you get close is actually huge fear!! anyways, good luck with the dog plan, it may require you to actually go buy it yourself tho! lol

  2. Oh no, Annie. You've burst my bubble ;-) Roxy's scared of me! Never thought of it that way ...
    Up late, I know, and paying for it this morning. I'm on the great "School Book Covering Quest". Nearly finished. Luckily "Shawshank Redemption", "The Fugitive" and a "Harry Potter" movie were all on tv last night to keep me company.

  3. I have the same fish who looks identical to yours. His name is Chips. You're right - they have loads of personality. He gets super excited when he even glimpses one of us nearby. Now and then I'll hold a mirror up to the bowl and see him really fire up. He spreads out his beautiful fins and tries to fight his way through the glass!
    Megs :)

  4. I have to say I've never thought of fish having personalities. I love that you have bonded with Roxy so much. You've changed the way I view these little creatures.

  5. Aren't they a bit ferocious? Or is that a wives' tale?

    What a fascinating insight into that fishy pet of yours!

    I'll take note of them next time I'm at a pet store.

  6. @Megs ... tried the mirror thing. Roxy was definitely interested. Didn't look like he was attacking the tank but his side fins were definitely out.

    @Sarah ... these fish rock ... mind you, my fish owning experience is very limited to 2 goldfish I owned as a child in the 80's who died of constipation on me ... no shit! ... boom, boom ;-)

    @MMMC ... well if you were to put 2 males together then you'd get a bit of a gun fight happening & possibly the same in with other fish. They're a solitary fishy.


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